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So every fashion brand has their own Replica Fendi Handbags? Well, then perhaps it’s time for Fendi to craft their own. Meet the Mon Tresor Bag from the Cruise 2018 Collection. So is this bucket bag really special? Is it better than the other brands?

Bucket bags are made to be as practical as backpacks. The interior should be spacious and the leather flexible so it can store a lot more stuff than duffle bag or a shoulder bag. Well that’s a theory of course. But what we also should expect from high fashion; is that the bag should look fabulous too. Or else, why bother paying the higher prices, right?

We have seen plenty of people carrying bucket bags and we have to say that the smallest size is the cutest. So perhaps that’s why Fendi starts with the mini sizes.

Replica Fendi Handbags

The Mon Tresor Bag looks surprisingly simple – it features the drawstring fastening and metal decoration on the sides and on the eyelets. It comes with two detachable shoulder straps, one is long and other is short, so that you can carry it in different ways.

This Gucci Replica Handbags ​is made from calfskin, which is a strong and durable leather. But here is what you also can expect from Fendi. In the upcoming months, they will be redesigning this bucket bag by adding cute decoration and other embellishment. They’ve already created one with big pearls on the bottom.

The inside of this handbag is rather simple. There is one large space for all your personal stuff. And in this case, simplicity will only maximize the roominess of the interior.